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As a safety minded company we are pleased to have qualified and achieved the SITESAFE, SiteWise Gold award.

So what does this mean to you and for your business ?
When engaging Anti-Slip Soluitons NZ Ltd to carry out work on your premises, you can rest assured that all steps are taken to mitigate any Health & Safety issues your staff and clients may be exposed to.

Our Five Golden Rules
1. No job is that important, or urgent, that it cannot be done safely.
2. We have a common sence approach to our work, to make sure it will be done safely. Our actions or inactions will not compromise ours or anyone elses safety.
3. All current codes of practice and relative legislation will be complied with for any task we undertake.
4. Every task we undertake will be assessed for ways in which we can Eliminate any hazard. Hazards that cannot be eliminated will then be assessed for Isolation. If we cannot isolate the hazard then we will consider ways of Minimisation.
5. We will undertake any task we do in such a manner that everybody will go home at the end of the days work injury and accident free.

Other Common Sense things we will do while working on site.
Document Risk Assessment, Action Plans, and Accident Investigation. This could be a diary note, to a detailed task analysis and Site Specific Safety Plan.
Investigate any near miss incident, minor incident or accident, ascertain how or why it happened and implement changes to ensure it does not happen again.
We will undertake a Step Back 5 procedure before commencing any task.
We will ensure we are working in a safe working environment.
Anti-Slip Solutions objective is to:- Implement and actively maintain a positive commitment to Health & Safety in the workplace for the protection of all personnel, visitors and the public from incident, injury or illness.

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